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  • 100% Brand New And original High Quality 
  • As the picture 
  • Please choose ship service:
  • Please check both the model and picture before purchase.
  • Note: When purchasing accessories, be sure to disassemble the machine and check the model number of the accessories before purchasing. If random purchases cause the installation to fail, you are responsible.
  • The default shipment quantity is 1PCS, and the picture is the front and back of the goods. 
  • Please confirm your correct shipping address, zip code must be standardized and correct, otherwise it may not be delivered, cell phone Number calls must be standardized, so that you may receive your package information.
  • Shipping China time: The order is processed within 12 hours and sent to the sorting center.
  • Because logistics transportation time, no one can guarantee that his 100% accurate timeliness, please do not because of logistics reasons for a refund dispute. Thank you for understanding, because we also have cost and express expenses.
  • Note: If you find that your delivery address is incorrect, please cancel this order directly, edit the correct address and re-purchase, do not send messages and station messages, because we may not be able to see this information in time, because we are in large numbers every day The order is processed and shipped. Once the shipping process is marked, the order cannot be cancelled because the package has already been sent for transportation.
  • Warning:
    In order to clear customs more quickly, please take the initiative to purchase with a receiving address with the correct tax number.
    Brazil The recipient is required: the tax number of a natural person is called the CPF code,
    The format is 000.000.000-00
    South Korea Required for recipient: The format is P+12 digits.
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